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Internet Access Providers Meta-List
Hundreds of pointers to resources for finding Internet access providers and information on how to select a provider, with separate pages for all U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and over one hundred countries.
Another resource you may want to consult is ComputerUser's ISP directory which hosts a directory of ISPs searchable by location and cost at:
FREE Internet Access (in Canada)
Free Internet Access is slowly dropping out of Canada.

Recently, a company called 1stUp announced that they were getting out of the free internet access business. 1stUp provided the free internet hook-ups for several big portal sites, including:
- AltaVista,
- NBCi,
- Lycos,
- Bluelight (KMart) and
- FreeLane (Excite).

Because of the 1stUp situation, none of these portals is currently accepting new applications for free internet service. Excite plan to put a new free internet access program in place sometime early in 2001. When they do, I will post the relevant links on my page ( ).

I recommend you sign-up with at least 2 of the FREE Internet Access Company (in case you have difficulties connecting with your First choice). Start with Netzero (you can install on 4-3.5" Diskettes).
** you might encounter difficulties connecting into some of the following as they are getting busy! - ** No Longer FREE ** (4.798 MB)
- One of the original free ISPs, offer free Internet access, personalized start page, search engine, and you You can use AOL, Yahoo, ICQ and other Instant Messaging programs with your NetZero connection - but you don't have to pay! US and Canada.
- Go to and create an ID;
- then download files;

1. Insert Disk 1.
2. Click on the Windows Start button and select Run.
3. In the Open text box, type A: and click OK.
4. Double-click on the netzero.exe file.
5. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.
download file: install_teachersinfree.exe (4.979 MB)
- offering free Internet access for various groups including golfers, seniors, teachers, residents and divers. Nationwide network services more than 95% of all communities with over 2,250 local dial-up numbers servicing the U.S.A. and Canada. No monthly fees, no startup costs

3Web - FREE if you DONOT Upgrade the Software! (3.173 MB)

** Going Platinum - GP offering FREE ISP services (in US) with no Banners or Ad-bars! (Coming soon to Canada!)
Did you realize that every time you get on the Internet you generate income for your ISP? Well, GP is paying that income back to its members. That could be you! Not only the income that "you" generate, plus they pay you a commission for your referrals!
You can join as a free member, or pay $25 US to earn money faster! It's your choice.
Join now to secure your position.


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